When to Remain Silent

Silence is a two edged sword sometimes it brings trouble and sometimes it works in your favor, so when to remain silent is a question which many people ask. Given below are some of the situations where maintaining silence can be good for you –

  1. When you are being scolded by the boss, it’s never a good idea to argue with your boss and remaining silent is the only option.
  2. When your arguing with your girlfriend or wife,it is like gold as history is filled with examples where people who were not able to remain silent invited big trouble.
  3. When you are in a fight and you are outnumbered than do not go for glory rather remain silent as you will get many opportunities to complete that fight.
  4. When you are sitting at a dentist chair, it is the best and safe option as some people cannot keep quiet even for half hour.
  5. When you are in a forest area where are there are plenty of deadly animals and forest officer or guide has told you to remain silent, than breaking that silent will not only bring trouble for you but also for people who are with you.
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