Ways to Control Anger

Greatest thing a human can achieve is not money or fame but it’s the control of your anger. Getting Angry is like a speeding train which is without brakes and can lead to accidents in the form of broken relationship whether that anger is on your friend, boss, colleague or anybody. Given below are some of the ways to control it –

  1. The first and foremost thing which you should do is to move away, if you are having a heated argument with other person as more often not there is no winner in such arguments and moving away does not mean you are losing the argument.
  2. When you are angry you should drink a glass of water or cold drink so that your anger cools down with that glass of water.
  3. One should try to concentrate on other things rather than thinking about the reason for anger as will only aggravate the anger.
  4. If you are angry and not at office but at home than go outside and play outdoor games or indulge yourself in anything which makes you happy like gardening, watching television, cooking etc…this will not only help you in controlling it but also it will make you happy.
  5. If you cannot control your anger than the best thing is to go at some lonely place and shout, this will ensure that your frustration is out and then you will be able to think more clearly and handle the situation better.
  6. Meditation and Yoga are also helpful in controlling anger as a person doing meditation has better control over mind, and a person who has control over mind can easily control the anger.
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