Types of Jobs

Job is something which is done by all people so that they can earn money and fulfill their needs and wants. In this world there are basically 3 types of jobs, given below is the list of various types of jobs which are there –

  1. Full time – Under this you are expected to do work for a fixed period of time and you have to maintain that in any circumstance and therefore there is no flexibility in this kind of work. Majority of companies require full time workers as it enables them to have better control over their employees.
  2. Part Time – Under this a person devotes only some time towards work and for rest of the period he or she is free so for example devoting 4 hours a day would be considered as part time job. It provides more flexibility as one can do other work in free time; however pay is less for part time work.
  3. Freelancing – Under this an individual can work from home without going anywhere, this has emerged recently because of internet and technological advancement. It requires special skills because freelancing projects are very technical nature and therefore this type of job is suitable for selected people only.

Apart from above these days companies are also giving option of working full time and work from home that is worker can work from home for 1 or 2 months and rest of the time he or she would be working full time.

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