Types of Interview

Interview is one thing which majority of people have to face if they want to secure a good job and better future for themselves. Given below are the various types of interview which one has to face during his or her lifetime –

  1. Formal – Under this ether there is an individual interview where there is one person who ask questions or there is panel interview under which there are around 3 to 5 people who ask questions turn by turn and then decide whether you are qualified or not.
  2. Informal – Under this there is no set guideline and the person asking questions behave as if he or she is your friend, the main idea behind this is to make the candidate comfortable so that he or she can express himself or herself in a better way.
  3. Exit – This interview is for those people who are resigning from the company, the main idea to take this is to know why an individual is leaving the company and if there are any structural problem due to which employees are not satisfied within an organization.

Apart from above there are many other names for interview like planned, stress, structured and unstructured interview.

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