Types of Group Discussion

Group discussion is an important step which almost every management school follows and that is the reason why students are always worried about GD. Given below are the various types of group discussion which majority of institutions undertake –

  1. Case Studies – Under this case study is given to students and then they are asked to discuss on that particular case and analyze the result of case.
  2. Current topics – Under this current situation facing the country like political turmoil or economic problem and so on are given to students to discuss.
  3. Controversial – Under this that topic is given which is bound to have heated argument for example subject matters like equality between men and women or rich should pay more tax and so on.
  4. Abstract – It refers to some imaginary situation and then out of that imaginary situation people have to deduce their conclusion which will reflect their perspective towards life and world in general. For example topic like grass is green or why people behave irrationally and so on.
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