Types of Cash Book

Cash book can be defined as book in which all transactions relating to cash receipts and payments are recorded. Here is the list of types of cash book

1. Single column  – It is prepared by those companies whose all receipts and payments are made in cash only. In it receipts are shown on the left side while payments are shown on the right side of the cash book.

2. Double column – This contain an additional column of bank account for recording those transaction which are affected through bank. In this there will be contra entries that are transfer of money from company to bank and from bank to company for official purpose and therefore these entries are posted on both side.

3. Petty– This is used for the purpose of recording cash transactions which are small in value and of repetitive nature like conveyance, stationary etc…..This book is maintained so that huge number of transaction which are of small value can be recorded in it and therefore less pressure on person maintaining books.

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  • niharika

    there is one more type guys that is triple column cash book!!

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