Traits of Lazy People

People always search for qualities or traits of few successful and hardworking people but never think about the majority ones which are the lazy ones. Well given below are some of the traits of highly unsuccessful lazy people –

  1. Procrastinate – They always tend to procrastinate things and never do tasks at first, so for example if you ask them to go to shop for taking bread then they will first say that they will go after 2 hours and then after 2 hours they will give some other excuse likes it’s too hot or cold outside and they will go tomorrow which will never come.
  2. Never come on time – Another quality which separates the unsuccessful lazy ones from active individuals because they will never reach any function on time and some are extreme ones who even misses the major function of their families including the birthdays of their children or their marriage anniversary.
  3. Pretend to be perfect – Lazy people always pretend that they are perfect and do not need to learn anything from their subordinates or superiors  and if something goes wrong and or they are not able to do something then they will simply blame others for their failure.
  4. They Never Exercise – They will never go for morning walk or do routine exercises because it is simply against their nature and that in turn results in overweight and other medical problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  5.  Superstitious – They always believe that wearing some particular dress or having some lucky coin in their pocket will change their life and brings lot of money to their pockets, in other words they tend to day dream a lot however in real life such things never happens.
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