Tools of Internet

Internet is perhaps the greatest innovation of last 2 decades; internet has changed everything whether it’s how we meet our friends, ticket booking, banking etc….It can be safely said that internet has all things on it and things which are not on the internet perhaps don’t exist. Given below are the various tools of internet which can make your life easy on net –

  1. Download managers like free download manager which helps in downloading books, music, movies and other such things.
  2. Internet browsers like Firefox or Chrome
  3. WinZip
  4. Snag it for capturing the images on computer screen instantly, a great tool for bloggers and also individuals.
  5. Skype for chatting with your friends
  6. Antivirus software like Norton, AVG or Avira, so as to guard against thousands of viruses which get created every day and if you do not have the software your computer is likely to get affected.
  7. Google Calendar to keep track of birthdays, meetings and important dates
  8. Adobe Reader
  9. Bookmark managers like Favorites View and easy bookmark manager
  10. PDF to Word Converter
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