Tips to Cool Down Laptop

The biggest problem if you own a laptop is that during summer laptop tends to get overheated and therefore it slows down considerably and if it gets more overheated then it gets shut down also. Overheating of laptop is so frustrating that some people even try to put their laptop in fridge. Given below is the list of tips which will help in cooling down of laptop –

  1. The best way to cool down the laptop is to move to place where air conditioner is there or at a place which is relatively cold.
  2. If possible you should buy Laptop Cooling Stand, as these stands help in cooling down of laptop which will cost around 20 to 30 dollars.
  3. Laptop get overheated quickly if you are watching movies or playing games on laptop and therefore you should avoid this activity during day time in summer.
  4. Clean your laptop regularly so that any dust gets wiped out of laptop because sand too tends to obstruct the fans of laptop.
  5. You should turn off laptop at regular intervals for 10 to 20 minutes which will ensure that laptop gets cooled down again and you are saved from frustration of laptop running slowly.
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