Tips for International Flights

If you are travelling in an international flight for the first time than there are some things which you take care so that your journey is a safe and enjoyable one and not the other way around. Given below are some of the tips for travelling in international flights –

  1. One should check how much weight you can carry in your bags because if your bags have more weight than prescribed limit than extra things would be taken out at airport and that would be an embarrassing thing.
  2. You should take all the medicines with you if you are suffering from disease like diabetes or any other disease which require medicines frequently.
  3. A small bag in which you should keep your passport, currency and other important things so that you have to concentrate on only one bag rather than keeping all things scattered all over.
  4. If you are a vegetarian than make sure that you mention it beforehand as they will serve food accordingly and if you do not mention chances are they will serve you non vegetarian food.
  5. Things like nail cuter, pin and other such things should be kept in luggage and not in handbag, because you are not allowed to carry those things in a flight.
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