Tips for Giving Telephonic Interview

Though telephonic interview are not that frequent because companies prefer to meet the candidate in personal, still if one gets a telephonic interview call then one should keep in mind below factors so that his or her telephonic interview is a success –

1. One should select a silent, private room with a telephone in good working condition, and if he or she is using mobile then the battery of the mobile should be fully charged because sometimes interview last for more than 45 minutes in which case it is better to have mobile fully charged.

2. One should speak clearly and one should avoid being loud rather one should remain calm.

3. If there is any disturbance on the line then one should ask politely to the interviews if they can call back so that you can hear the questions and answer them properly.

4. One should prepare for telephonic interviews as if he or she is going for personal interview because taking telephonic interviews lightly is not a good idea.

5. At the end of the interviews ask them when I can expect a call back from you and one should not cut the phone until the interviews has done so.

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