Things to keep in mind for Cleaning the Laptop

Laptop is the best thing to have happened to us because of its ease of use as well as the advantage of being able to carry it wherever one wants, however cleaning the laptop is not so easy and one should keep following points in mind while cleaning the laptop –

1. First thing to keep in mind is to turn off the laptop before cleaning the laptops.

2. One should clean the laptops at regular intervals like weekly or once in every 10 days rather than cleaning it once in a while.

3. While cleaning the LCD screen of the laptops one should not put pressure on the screen and also one should not clean it with tissues or paper but with a soft cotton cloth.

4. One should also read the user manual and look whether there are any suggestions for cleaning the laptops, which are unique to the laptops.

5. One should clean the laptops even if there is no dust on outer parts of the laptop, because laptop keyboard and other parts have more dust in inner region than the outer region.

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    Good tips but is that all one can do to clean the laptop?

    Is it advisable to use water or alcohol to clean the monitor?

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