Things to do During Long Flights

Long flights can be a torture if you have not planned what to do during long plane flights because in air there are only few options available to you for killing time. Given below is the list of things to do during long flights –

  1. If you have iPod, than store you favorite songs or albums as music is a great way to avoid being bored during long flights.
  2. You can also take a novel with you which may be fiction or nonfiction novel, as reading novel can help you in making that long flight into short flight.
  3. Take PSP or laptop having games with as there can no better way than playing games when it comes to time pass.
  4. Talk with your co passengers provided they do not feel offended as it will not only help in killing time but also you may find a good friend out of that co passenger.
  5. Sleep, if you are one of those individuals who can sleep anytime and anywhere then you do not need above things, you just go and sleep for the majority of that long flights.
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