Science and Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

Science and technology are the two pillars on which the future of human development is dependent and that is the reason why every country spend millions of dollars every year for both of them. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology –

Advantages of Science and Technology

  1. It makes our life quite easy because think of a life where you do not have mobiles, internet, television and all these technological products, it is next to impossible now to live without all the above products and that is the reason why one needs science and technological innovation.
  2. It has lead to increase in life span of human beings as science has made tremendous progress in health related field. 100 years back the average was between 40 years to 50 years now it has increased to 65 to 75 years all thanks to science and technology.
  3. Now the whole world has become small due to tremendous advancement in communication and distances have reduced all due to science and technological advancement.

Disadvantages of Science and Technology

  1. It leads to pollution and deterioration of environment, perhaps the biggest challenge of these two field is to do growth and at the same time save environment because in the past 20 years it has been the biggest criticism against science and technology that they both are responsible for global warming.
  2. It has lead to rise in number of diseases due to sedentary lifestyle thanks to science and technology people have become so lazy even youngsters are facing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and many such diseases.
  3. Another point against both of them is that due to excessive dependence on them, in the absence of various technological products human beings life practically stops and therefore it’s like we are nothing in the absence of science and technology.

As one can see from the above there are two sides of coin for everything and science and technology are not an exception and it is up to human beings whether they choose advantages or limitations.

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