Objectives of Communication

Communication needs no introduction because right from the age when a human being is born till the moment he or she dies, communication is always there in one form or another. Without communication one cannot imagine the life of human beings because it is impossible to live without it. Given below are some of the objectives of communication –

  1. It helps in passing information from one person to another and professionally one needs it, imagine a situation in an office where you are not allowed to communicate with anybody than it would be impossible for you and for also for a company to work because no one would be able to know kind of work he or she has to perform.
  2. It helps in expressing your emotion, otherwise without it all you would be forced to keep all expressions like anger, happiness, jealousy etc…, within you and we all know what would happen in that case.
  3. Communication is needed at every point of your day to day life, for example when you are buying a product you ask about its brand, price and other details which is nothing but communication or for that matter when you are at restaurant eating food, without communication no one will serve you anything.
  4. It helps in growth of an individual whether it’s personal or professional life because it is only due to communication we get to know about various things and which in turn make our life better and worth living.
  5. It is not necessary that you have to speak in order communicate even your actions are sufficient, just like small children do they never say a word but still their mother know when they are hungry, or when something is wrong with them.

As you often hear people saying that the strongest and dangerous thing in a human body is not made of bones which is tongue because in majority of the cases human beings communicate with his or her tongue and one just cannot ignore the power of communication.

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