Most Fuel Efficient Cars in India

Indians are obsessed with mileage of cars and with rising price of petrol and diesel this obsession is justified because fuel forms the majority of expense once you have purchased the automobile and that is the reason why one should be aware of mileage of his or her vehicle. Given below is the list of some of the most fuel efficient cars which are there in India –

  1. Tata Nano, its mileage being 23.5 kmpl
  2. Hyundai I 10, 20 to 21 KMPL
  3. Maruti Alto, 19.8 to 20.4
  4. Hyundai Eon, around 21 Kilometers
  5. Chevrolet Beat around 18.5
  6. Nissan Micra mileage is around 21 to 23 kilometer per liter
  7. Tata Indigo around 23 Kilometer
  8. Volkswagen Polo around 22 kilometers

The last 3 in the above list are for diesel cars and not petrol cars.

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