Major Political Parties in India

India being the largest democracy of the world has many political parties and that it the reason the politics of India is so complex and when there are elections it leads to so many permutations and combinations when it comes to forming government at the center. Given below are some of the major political parties which are there in India –

  1. Indian National Congress, also known as INC
  2. Bharatiya Janata Party, also known as BJP
  3. Bahujan Samaj Party, also known as BSP
  4. Nationalist Congress Party, also known as NCP
  5. Communist Party of India, also known as CPI
  6. Communist Party of India (Marxist), also known as CPI (M)

Above list points out only few major parties, apart from above political parties there are many region political parties also which are there across various regions of India

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