List of Ways to lose money

Everybody in this world at one point during his or her lifetime has gave a thought about how to make money easily but here is the list of ways in which one can lose money easily –

1. Replying to one of those fake emails which ask about your personal information promising you to make rich. Well they do make you rich not in monetary terms but in terms of experience in losing money.

2. Going to Hospital often not because one has some disease but because of fear of disease, and best part is doctor will run all sorts of tests every time you visit them therefore making your task of losing easy.

3. If you are one of those who is stuck in some legal case, then your lawyer will make sure that you go empty handed and free from your worries about losing wealth.

4. Investing in stock markets on advice of so called experts in the hope that your money will double in short span of time. 99 percent of long term investors always make money and 99 percent of short term traders always lose. So be in the second category if you want to lose wealth easily.

5. Insurance is another great way of losing wealth where whole your life you keep paying premium for risks which later on you find were not covered in your insurance policy.

I am sure everybody would have find out by now what is the best way to lose wealth always remember money lost is money spent.

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