List of Types of Short Haircut for Kids

When we talk about haircut style we only think about the teens and forget the kids, however kids haircut is equally important because a haircut adds to a kid’s personality and for some kids it may be ideal to have a short haircut. Since a short haircut is for a kid is easy to maintain, clean and wash. Another advantage of short haircut is that children’s having short hair cut can comb their own hair because is free of intertwine and therefore it makes the job of parents also simple.

Let’s look at types of short haircut which kids can have –

1. Tapered haircut – It is ideal for boys and it involves a buzz cut around the sides and back of the head while leaving a minimal amount of hair at the top of the head.

2. Bob Haircut – It is ideal for girls, under this type of haircuts the hair remains long so as to frame the face of the girl but at the same time it is easy to manage because they are short. The length of the hair ends in the area between the earlobe and the jaw line. In it one can go for Asymmetrical bob cut in which one side is shorter than the other which gives a unique look to the haircuts.

3. Flattop – The flattop which is a style for boys is a form of crew top, but the top of the head is cut in a way that gives it a flat, boxy appearance.

3. Pixie Haircut – This is a girl’s haircut that is short around the sides and back of the head and long at the top.

4. Spikes – This is ideal for boys who will take the time to style their hair. Hair is kept slightly longer on top and is styled, with gel or mousse, into spikes.

5. Bowl cut – Under this type hair looks like a bowl has been placed on the head and cut around which gives the hair a very rounded appearance.

Apart from above there can many more types of haircuts depending on the hairstyle which the kids or parents want to have.

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