List of Types of Reports

Report can be defined as a way of communicating the progress of the company to the various parties who are interested in the functioning of the company. Report can be of many types; here is the list of kinds of reports which one can make –

1. Descriptive Report: They are those, which are written in descriptive way. There are no charts, tables and graphs in these types of reports.

2. Tabular Report: Reports may be presented in tabular forms. These reports can be compared easily. These reports are more effective than the descriptive reports as they create more impression on the mind.

3. Graphic Report: Graphic presentation is always more effective, as it attract one’s attention and eyes quickly and forcibly and therefore it is more preferred way of presenting the data to both the internal management as well as to the outside parties like government, creditors etc…. It is a very important method of presenting the reports.

4. Information Report: The coverage of this type of report is wide. The preparation of these reports requires relatively more detailed analysis of data, Information reports can be in many forms.

5. Control Report: Control report are prepared to measure the actual performance with the budgeted standards. These report show the various variances. It can be prepared weekly, monthly, fortnightly or yearly depending on the policies which company adopts.

6. Financial Report: These report are those, which give information about the financial position of the concern. It includes in it Ratio Analysis, Fund Flow Analysis, cash flow statement etc…

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