List of Types of Organisation

Organisation can be defined as a group of people who try to achieve a predetermined goal by working together and sharing the benefits which come due to attainment of the goal. Organisation is of 4 types –

1. Economic Organization – This type of organization are created for the commercial purpose, implying that their goal is to achieve maximum profit for their stakeholders.

2. Political Organization – This type of organization is formed to serve society as a whole and their objective is not to make profits but their objective is to do things for social welfare of the people.

3. Integrative Organization – This type of organization is for social control and therefore it include organizations such as police, courts etc….

4. Pattern Maintenance Organisation – These organisations are those which are created so as to shape the behavior of the people, it includes educational institutions; clubs etc…The ultimate aim of this organisation is that how people behave socially with others.

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