List of Guidelines for Article Writing

Whenever one is writing article for his or her website or for others he or she should keep some points in mind so that article which is being written is effective and also has a good impact on the mind of the person who is reading the article. Here is the list of guidelines or tips for writing –

  1. The beginning of the articles should be such that reader gets interested in reading it further because majority of the readers go away after reading the first few lines of the article.
  2. One should use simple language rather than using language which only few people can understand so for example if you are writing a technology related one it is not necessary that only people from technology field will read it even people who do not have knowledge of technology will also read it.
  3. Articles should be specific that is rather then covering many topics in one it is better to cover one topic in detail in a single article.
  4. It should be grammatically correct.
  5. It should provide something new to the reader, it is not necessary that article should be completely unique every time, even when one is writing an article on subject which is already covered by others still if one can add one point which is unique and not covered by any other than also it will catch the readers eye.
  6. One should never write articles on subject which is not of his or her interest because it is a waste of time to write about things which you yourself don’t know.
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