List of Things to keep in mind before going for first Interview

Any person who is facing interview for the first time in his or her life is obviously very nervous, however here is the list of things which one should keep in mind before going for the interview –

1. A well prepared resume is half the battle won because your first impression to the interviewer is your resume and a well prepared resume does no harm to your impression.

2. One should do complete research on the company as well as the position for which he or she is going for the interview, and also how he or she can contribute towards the company for achieving the goals and objectives of the company in the best possible manner.

3. Prepare as much as you can on your core subjects you have studied and pay special attention to your strong subjects rather than your weak subjects because it is better to know everything about something than something about everything.

4. Relax yourself before going into an room and if you don’t know answer to any question simply say I do not have idea about it rather than trying to fool them (which you also know that it is not possible) by giving answers which are irrelevant to the question which is being asked.

5. One should reach the location 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled time so as to get familiar with the surroundings and check all the documents for which company has asked before leaving for the interview.

Apart from above things one important thing which one should never forget is that even if one fails in an interview it is not end of this world rather it teaches some important lessons for the next interview.

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    it’s really a nice thing for all freshers.

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    Good POst. Very helpful for freshers

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