List of Things One Should Never Include in a Resume

While making resume for applying to any job one should include only things which can help him or her in getting job and not those things which make you unsuitable for the job position to you have applied. Here is the list of things which one should avoid including in the resume –

  1. Writing about training which you have done before you started your career, because suppose if you had done 3 month training somewhere which is completely unrelated to the job which you have applied is not a good idea, it is better to mention it as co curricular activity rather than writing it as your experience.
  2. Writing about hobbies at the start or in the middle of the resumes before your qualifications and experience, hobbies should always be mentioned at the end of resume because employers are not interested about your hobbies, they want to know about your qualification and what you can add to the organization.
  3. Formatting of resume should be done in proper and professional way rather than making resumes like an answer sheet of a question paper.
  4. Resumes should never be more than 2 pages because people who are reading your resumes spend maximum 2 to 3 minutes reading your resume, therefore it is better to keep it short and simple mentioning about your qualification and experience is summary because you will get the opportunity to explain them at the time of interview.
  5. There is no place for your physical characteristics like height, weight in the resume, therefore any mention of such things is a waste of your time and effort.
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