List of Tea Companies in India

Indians love their cup of tea, and every morning in most of the houses of India it is made because without it their day does not start and many people drink it 4 to 10 cups per day. This country is a big market and there are many tea companies, given below is the list of some of the tea companies which are there in India –

  1. Assam Co
  2. Bombay Burmah Trading Company
  3. Brooke Bond
  4. Godrej
  5. Goodricke Group Ltd
  6. Harrisons Malayalam Limited
  7. Jayshree
  8. Lipton
  9. The Williamson Magor group
  10. McLeod Russel
  11. Rossell India Ltd
  12. Tata Global Beverages Ltd
  13. Tata group
  14. Wagh Bakri
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