List of Strengths and Weakness

During an interview a question which is asked by almost all interviewers is about the strengths and weakness of an individual. Therefore one should be fully prepared for this question, because often it is this question which set the tone for the rest of the interview. Given below is the list of strength and weakness which an individual can say during an interview –


  1. Hardworking – One should always say this as strength because companies like to hire only those people who are willing to do hard work
  2. Team Player – A team player is always considered as an asset by any employer.
  3. Practical – In an organization it is more important that one is practical about the decisions which he or she takes rather than sticking to particular philosophies.
  4. Disciplined – A disciplined worker is like gold to a company which never loses its shine.
  5. Honest – Honesty is the best policy adage applies to all situations including the company in which you are going to work.


  1. Introvert – Many people who are going for their first job often suffer from this weakness.
  2. Anger – Many people get angry due to small reasons and when you are going to work, you would come across many such situations where anger will take control of you.
  3. Impatient – When one is working he or she needs to be patient with his or her superior as well as subordinates and therefore impatience may turn out to be one of your weakness.
  4. Complaining – Human beings are by their nature are complaining whether they are at home or at workplace and therefore one should concentrate on this weakness before entering into any organization.
  5. Blunt – Sometimes being too much blunt or frank can be disastrous for ones career because in professional relationship people often taken bluntness in negative way and therefore this too can turn out to be a weakness.
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