List of Soft Skills

Soft skills are those skills which are not related to person’s education rather these skills are related to the personality of the individual. Soft skills are increasingly becoming a part of recruitment process of various organizations and that is the reason individuals should know about it as they are as important as your educational qualification. Given below is the list of some of the soft skills which are required by various companies when they are selecting an individual for a position in a company –

  1. Listening
  2. Communication proficiency
  3. Cooperative and Team player
  4. Self directed and motivated
  5. Good Attitude
  6. Good Writing ability
  7. Dependability and Adaptability
  8. Positive Body Language
  9. Work ethics and Honest
  10. Flexible and Action oriented

Above list is not exhaustive and many more things can be added to the above list depending on the type of industry, organization and kind of work which is there in the company.

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