List of Sleeping Disorders

Sleep is something which is needed by all and a good night sleep can do wonders for both physical and mental condition of the human body. However some people have trouble in getting sleep and its called sleeping disorder, given below is the list of some of the sleeping disorders –

  1. Insomnia
  2. Sleepwalking
  3. Sleep paralysis
  4. Nocturia, under this condition person has to go many times to bathroom resulting in lack of sleep.
  5. Bruxism
  6. Hypopnea, under this condition the person suffers from low breathing during sleep.
  7. Somniphobia, under this a person has fear of sleep which may due to dreams which may not be pleasant.

Above were the most common sleeping disorders which happen to humans, there are other sleep disorders also which are not mentioned above as they are not common.

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