List of Selling and Distribution Overheads

Selling expenses are those which are incurred for selling the product which is produced by the company and distribution overheads are those which are incurred for delivering the product to the customer who has purchased the product. Here is the list of selling and distribution overheads –

1. Salary of sales manager and staff

2. Advertisement and showroom expenses

3. Trade discount and bad debts

4. Samples and free gifts

5. Traveling expenses

6. Rent and insurance of warehouse where goods are kept

7. Traveling expenses and commission of salesman

8. Expenses related to after sales

9. Expense related to catalogues, price list and material used for packing the goods.

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    I want to segregate distribution expenses from selling expenses since these aspects are done by different agencies. e.g a salesman will not supply the product in a shop , only lorry driver of the co. will deliver it .can u segregate them clearly

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