List of Roadies Winner

Roadies is a reality television show which is aired on MTV India, this show was started in the year 2003 and there have been8 seasons of roadies till now. Given below is the list of roadies winners until now -

Season 1 winner- Rannvijay Singh from Mumbai

Season 2 winner – Ayushmann Khurana from Chandigarh

Season 3 winner – Parul Shahi from Delhi (She is the first female roadies winner)

Season 4 winner – Anthony Yeh from Kolkata

Roadies Season 5 winner – Ashutosh Kaushik from Saharanpur

Roadies Season 6 winner – Nauman Sait from Bangalore

Roadies Season 7 winner – Anwar Syed

Roadies Season 8 winner – Anchal Khurana (She became the second ever female to win the title)

Roadies Season 9 winner – Vikas Khoker from Hyderabad

Roadies X winner – Palak, second female to win this show


  1. avinash says:

    4 me suchit z d real roadie …,well all z abot luck congts AANCHAL :-)

  2. Sonal says:

    Suchit & Mohit are only deserving roadies ever, First Time I felt the true Roadie will win but very disappointing result

  3. suhas says:

    Pooooooooooooja ws d only desrvng roadie among all d grls………

  4. manmohan says:

    suchit should have been the winner but luck is not with everybody, congrats aanchal.

  5. vishal deep says:

    i think my opinion roadies 8 winner is anamika

  6. Adya says:

    Congratulations !!! Anchal :)

  7. Mantasha says:

    Pooja ws d only grl deserving 2 b a roadie n Suchit was d deserving guy ovrall bt hard luck 4 both of dem

    congrts Anchal.

  8. Sanket suryawanshi says:

    Suchit is d best roadie of all time and i think tamanna is d best roadie in female……………

  9. Arjun S says:

    As per my point of view. my real rodaie is Raghu Ram, Ranvijay Singh and Rajiv Laxman.

    Love You Guys

  10. Sagar says:

    I think opinion roadies 9 winner is himannnnnnni

  11. Girija says:

    From my point of view;Himanniiiiiiii is the real Roadie

  12. RAJPAL SINGH says:

    I think Suchit should be the roady of season-8 but I was flabourgasted when I listin Anchal was the winner. congratulation Anchal !!!

  13. sagar joshi says:

    hi; rodies 13 i will come when my btech will complete

  14. Sachin Mehra says:

    I love Roadies……
    and raghu and Rajeev and ranveejay……….

  15. Aditya says:

    Y only ranvijay became the judge….Ayushman become couldld also become like if u agree

  16. imran khan says:

    meri nazar me to suchit hi winner hai

  17. pritam says:

    Palak was nt a winner…she has survived due to avtar..all credit goes 2 avtar..

  18. Sarbjot singh says:

    Roadies m comming RAB RAKHA MITRA DA

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