List of Questions to ask before Buying Television

Purchase of television is made by almost all people during their lifetime; in fact television purchase is made every 5 to 10 years because new television comes and old ones get outdated. Here are some questions which one should ask before buying a television –

1. What is the screen size of the TV, because when they say its 21 or 32 inch it’s not the size of actual picture which you will see and therefore one should clear this thing with the vendor.

2. What is the warranty period of the television set and whether it includes all things or only warranty regarding the picture.

3. Whether the cost also covers installation charges or one has to pay extra for it.

4. Whether there are service centers of the television company in your nearby areas and if not whether they will be opened in future.

Apart from above there are many questions which can be asked depending on the type of  TV you are purchasing and also the reasons for your purchase, that is whether it will be used for personal or for office.

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