List of Qualities of a Good Leader

A successful leader has certain qualities which make him different from others and therefore it is quite useful to look at some of the qualities of a leader. Apart from these qualities it might also be a good idea to check out an organizational leadership masters degree to continue to further your leadership skills –

1. Honest – Well honesty needs no explanation.

2. Forward Looking – He or she must be forward looking in his or her approach.

3. Energetic and Enthusiastic

4. Courageous – He or she should always stick to his or her decision and should never be fear anybody if he or she knows that decision will be beneficial for others.

5. Practical– A leader should be practical in his or her approach, in other the decision taken should be based on practical reasons rather than emotional reasons.

6. Inspiring and competent – A person which can inspire others is the best thing for any company or country, but for it a leader should be a competent person who has achieved the success through hard work and honesty.

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