List of Printers

Printers are used to print text or images from computer to paper because one cannot take computer everywhere and that is where printers come into rescue. Given below is the list of printers which are there in market –

  1. Dot Matrix – This was used few years back and nowadays only few people use this as they do not produce the same quality as inkjet or laser do.
  2. Inkjet – These are the most used printers because they are used not even in offices but also in homes as they are cheap and also they are available everywhere.
  3. Laser – They are like inkjet but they print quickly and also in huge quantity and therefore most of the companies have this type of printer installed in their offices.
  4. All in one – They do all things like printing, faxing, copying or scanning. However not everybody will be able to buy it because of their high price.
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