List of Precautions to take after Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery which is done is on eyes is small operation done in order to improve the vision of the eyes which has deteriorated due to cataract. Though cataract surgery is not such a big operation but it is the aftercare which is important. Here is the list of precautions to take after cataract surgery –

1. In order to prevent infection one should not rub the eye with hand or handkerchiefs. Rather one should use tissues which can be used and thrown away.

2. For few days one should avoid the contact of water with the eye on which cataract surgery is done. Hence one should take bath only below the neck.

3. One should avoid straining, or lifting heavy weights after cataract surgery.

4. However one can watch television, read, and can go for walk within 1 or 2 days after surgery.

5. One should wear sunglasses if he or she is going out in sun immediately after surgery.

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  • Lorraine Ogilvie

    Is it OK to fly post cataract surgery?

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