List of Operating Expenses

Operating expense in simple words refers to those expenses which are incurred by a company in order to run the normal operations of the business of the company. Given below is the list of operating expenses –

  1. Salaries and wages to the employees of the company.
  2. Rent for the office premises or for the factory in which manufacturing is done.
  3. Office supplies like telephone, computers, stationary etc….
  4. Maintenance and repairs for the machinery if the company is in manufacturing business.
  5. Advertising and publicity expenses.
  6. Traveling expenses paid to various people, it does not include payment made for personal traveling.
  7. Raw materials required for manufacturing of finished goods.
  8. Hire and leasing charges if plant and machinery are taken on lease or hire.
  9. Power, fuel and heating charges.

Apart from above operating expenses there can be other expenses also added to the above list depending on the nature of industry in which company operates.

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    What is operation cost for school/university? Thanks

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