List of Money Market Instruments

Money markets are those where lenders and borrowers can transact with each other in order to invest surplus cash for earning interest from borrowers or borrow cash if borrower requires funds by paying interest to lenders. Apart from them there are banks government and other entities also present in this market. Volume in this market is huge because of presence of larger players and also short term interest rates are to an extent dependent on this market. Given below is the list of money market instruments –

  1. Certificate of deposit
  2. Commercial paper
  3. Eurodollar deposit
  4. Repurchase agreements
  5. Federal funds
  6. Municipal Securities and notes
  7. Treasury bills
  8. Foreign Exchange Swaps
  9. Short-lived mortgage
  10. Bankers’ Acceptances
  11. Asset-backed securities
  12. AAA-Rated Debt

Apart from above there are other instruments also which are prevalent in many countries according to their needs and regulations of government of such countries.

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