List of Mobile Browsers

As the use of smart phone is growing there are huge numbers of mobile browsers which are coming up for the smart phones. Mobile browsers are used to display the web content effectively on small screens. Here is a list of some popular mobile browsers.

1.  Android: This is the browser by Google for android phones which comes in Android OS as a default installation, used for pretty basic surfing.

2. BlackBerry: By Research in Motion, used for BlackBerry.

3. Blazer: By Palm and it is used for Palm and PDA’s

4. Internet Explorer Mobile: By Windows for Windows Mobile phone.

5.  Opera Mobile: This is a very popular for mobiles by Opera.

6.  Safari:  By Apple and it is used in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

7. Skyfire Mobile Browser:  This is currently supported for iOS and Android.

8. Firefox for Mobile: Supported for almost all the devices.

9. Dolphin Browser: Very popular because of tabbed browsing and many other features and it also supports both iOS and android.

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