List of Idioms to use at Workplace

Here is the list of idioms which one can use at his or her office –

1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words – It’s better to actually do something than just talk about it.

2. All in The Same Boat – When everyone is facing the same challenges.

3. A Piece of Cake – A task that can be accomplished very easily.

4. At the Drop of a Hat – Willing to do something immediately.

5. All Bark and No Bite: – When someone is threatening and/or aggressive but not willing to engage in a fight (applies to office colleagues).

6. He Lost His Head – Angry and overcome by emotions (which is often said about boss)

7. Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Tools – You are more likely to get in trouble if you have nothing to do.

8. Let Bygones Be Bygones: – To forget about a disagreement or argument.

9. New kid on the block – Someone new to the group or area.

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