List of Household Expenses

Household expenses are those costs which one has to pay every month and one should have an idea about these expenditures because when you are making a monthly budget you need to make provision for every item because if you do not do that than your monthly budget is likely to fail and hence one should know about household expenses, so the now question is what are the various household expenses, well given below is the list of household expenses –

  1. Food which includes vegetables, fruits, wheat, oil etc…
  2. Milk
  3. Petrol expenditure and also vehicle related expense
  4. Electricity
  5. Cooking gas
  6. Ironing and Dry-cleaning
  7. Water
  8. Mobile and Phone
  9. Broadband and internet related outlay
  10. Health, life and motor insurance
  11. Medicines and other hospital related charges.
  12. Entertainment expenditure like going for a movie, or going out for dinner and vacation
  13. Emergency fund provision
  14. Cloths
  15. Cosmetic items
  16. Cable or DTH expense
  17. Monthly Rent, if you are staying at rented house
  18. Interest expense on various loans which you might have taken
  19. Maid Salary
  20. Newspaper Bill
  21. Income tax which you pay annually should also be distributed monthly
  22. School and Tution Fees
  23. Other miscellaneous expenditures which we encounter on day to day basis
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