List of Hospitals in Udaipur

Udaipur over the past few years has developed and so are the medical facilities in and around Udaipur, many new hospitals have come up in the past few years have come up. Given below is the list of hospitals which are there in Udaipur –

  1. Maharana Bhopal General Hospital
  2. GBH American
  3. Geetanjali Medical College
  4. Aravali Hospital
  5. Maa Gayatri hospital
  6. Udaipur Hospital
  7. Chaudhary Hospital
  8. Kalptaru Hospital
  9. Star Hospital and Research Center
  10. Sanjeevani Nursing Home
  11. Mewar Orthopaedic Hospital
  12. Alakh Nayan Mandir (Eyes Treatment)
  13. Narayan Seva Sansthan (Polio Treatment)
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