List of Hair Colors

Hair colors are something which gives an individual a different look, imagine a person you see daily who has black hairs and he or she suddenly changes his or her hairs color to white or grey than at first you will have difficulty in recognizing that person. It is dependent on many factors and varies across regions of the world. Given below is the list of various hair colors which are found in human beings –

  1. Black Hair Color – This is perhaps the most common which is found and this color can be light black or jet black.
  2. Brown hair Color – It comes second to the black color and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from far whether a person has black or brown color.
  3. White or Grey Hair Color – This occurs as the person age increases and this type of color is usually found more among old age people.
  4. Red Hair Color – This type is the rare and it is found in small percentage of the world population.
  5. Blond hair – It can take different forms as there are many combination’s of colors which give the hairs the blond look.
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