List of Guidelines for Writing Effective Press Releases

A press release can be defined as a way by which one presents the news or the current event to the readers. Here is the list of guidelines or tips for writing an effective press releases –

1. The content of the press release should be grammatically correct, as well as unique and also it should always quote the sources from which news is drawn.

2. It should not be too long because readers don not like to know minute detail about the news, they are only interested in main points and hence press release should present only the main points about the news or event.

3. It should always be factual implying that it should not have anything which is not substantiated by proof.

4. It should be written in simple language which is understandable by a layman.

5. Press release should never be inopportune or untimely because readers are only interested in current news and events they don’t care what happened in the past.

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