List of Granite Countertops

Countertops is used in the context of kitchen, it is the horizontal workspace of the kitchen for the preparation of food items. Countertops are supported by the cabinets beneath it. People usually prefer to use granites in their kitchen and also on countertops, given below is the list of granite countertops –

  1. Black Granite Countertop – It is very popular granite among people because of its sheen and it looks very attractive too.
  2. Green Granite Countertop – It is also used by many people because for some people green is soothing to their eyes and they feel as if they are in garden and therefore this type of granite is very popular among people.
  3. Red Granite Countertop – It is quite unique because of its texture and therefore some people love this granite on their kitchen countertop.
  4. Metallic Granite Countertop – Metallic countertop includes gold and silver granites, and this type of granites are preferred by people who love this metals and this type of granites also loved by women who spent majority of time in kitchen because the fact is women loves gold and silver.
  5. Pink Granite Countertop – Pink color is the color of women, they love the pink color and that is why this type of granite countertop is also in demand.

Apart from above there are many other kitchen countertops which one can go for depending on his or her requirement and budget.

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