List of Good Habits

Good habits are like good friends, they always help you and if you do not take care of them you will lose them eventually, that is the reason why an individual should always try to maintain excellent habits, given below is the list of some of the good habits which every human should try to maintain –

  1. Respect others – You should always respect other feelings and never hurt anybody feelings just because he or she is inferior to you, so for example you should not make mockery of handicapped people or people who are mentally weak or for that matter poor people.
  2. Exercise – Daily exercise should be stared from the age of 25 years and not 50 years because majority of people when they are children play sports but once they reach the age of 25 years they stop playing games and also stop exercising which is a big mistake because you should never stop exercising if you want to remain healthy for your lifetime.
  3. Remain Updated – You should never stop learning, if you are in a good job still you should read news and also never stop learning about your field of expertise  as only thing that is constant is change and if you are not updated about it than you are likely to be thrown out of your job sooner or later.
  4. Money management – If you are no good at managing your money wisely than no matter how much you money earn it won’t be enough for you because earning handsomely is only half the battle won, the other half of battle is won by managing it properly.
  5. Positive thinking – A positive thinking person never stops due to hurdles and keep moving ahead in life, which is what you want if you want to be successful in both professional and personal life. Hence one should have a positive frame of mind towards others and also towards various situations which you face in your day to day life.
  6. Smiling and be happy – The most irritating people are the ones who never smile, they behave as if the world is running due to them and they have so much responsibility on their shoulders that they do not even have the time to smile. To be happy is the most difficult habit to achieve because sometimes even millionaires are not happy even when they have all the things to satisfy their wants. In short you should be happy at your life and at least smile 2 or 3 times a day which will be a great habit to have.

Apart from above habits one can include many habits into the above list like getting up early, sleeping well and on time, keeping his or her body clean, donating money and time for others and so on.


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