List of Gold ETF in India

With rising prices of gold many people are feeling left out because they are not able to take advantage of that price rise as buying physical gold has many problems like risk of theft, storing problem etc…, and that is why ETFs can be a good alternative if one wants to take advantage of rising price of this commodity. Gold exchange traded funds are those funds which invests and track the price of golds, so if the price of it rises so the price of these ETFs will rise and vice versa. Therefore if one wants to invest in this commodity but does not want to take physical delivery than this ETF can be an excellent way of doing that. Given below is the list of gold ETF which are there in India –

  1. Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme also known as Gold BEES – NSE code is GOLDBEES
  2. Reliance Gold ETF, under Reliance Mutual Fund
  3. Kotak Gold ETF – Exchange symbol – KOTAKGOLD
  4. UTI Gold ETF – This fund was started in 03/01/2007, and is under UTI mutual fund.

All the above funds are open ended exchange traded fund which implies that one can buy and sell them whenever they want, however brokerage rate which is fixed will be charged upon buying and selling these ETF.

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