List of Factors affecting Perception

Perception can be defined as the process by which an individual interprets the meaning of things which are happening around him or her, whether it’s at work or home. Here is the list of factors affecting perception –

1. The needs and motives of people plays an important role in deciding what person perceives, so if a person is not knowledgeable, any comments by his or her colleague on the education part will hurt him or her instantly, even if that comment was not made for him or her.

2. There are some people who get hurt easily due to their personality while other take it on a lighter note and therefore it also affects the perception of individual.

3. Perception is also affected by the status of the person, so if superior tells you do something you will be happy in doing it, however the same thing is said by your subordinate than chances are that you will not do that thing.

4. Perception also is affected by your past, if in the past something has gone wrong by doing a certain thing than you will think 10 times before attempting that thing again.

Apart from above there can be many factors which can affect the perception of an individual; the factors keep on changing according to situation and individuals.

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