List of Facebook Apps

Facebook apart from being a social networking website is great place where one can do stuff ranging from playing games to answering various questions which then decide how is your personality or what is you honesty level and keeping track or your friends birthdays . Given below is the list of Facebook apps which one can use –

  1. FarmVille – One of the most addictive applications in FB and it’s played by millions of people around the world, in this application one can become a farmer and expand the business by growing various agricultural products. One can also challenge and play against there own friends and see who is better.
  2. Crazy Taxi – This is a game application which involves driving the taxi at the maximum possible speed before the time runs out. One can challenge his or her friends and see whose score is highest; therefore it’s a highly addictive game.
  3. Pool Master – Another highly addictive game where one tries to become a pool master, in this game also one challenge his or her friends.
  4. Let’s Collect Smiles – In this Facebook application one can send and collect smiles with your friends.
  5. Daily Horoscope – This Facebook application is for those who like to know there horoscope and using this Facebook application one can have daily horoscope posted on his or her Facebook profile.
  6. Most Mutual Friends – By using this Facebook application one can know with whom you share most mutual friends.
  7. My Calendar – Using this FB application one will never forget the birthdays or important events of their friends and relatives and therefore it’s a great application to add if you are on Facebook.
  8. Tweet Deck – Using this FB application one can connect with his or her contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc…, and therefore a great application if you are tired of logging into so many accounts.

Apart from above applications there are many other applications in Facebook which one can add depending on his or her preference and taste.

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