List of Examples of Substitute Goods and Complementary Goods

Substitute goods are those goods which can be consumed by the consumers in place for other goods so as to satisfy their needs and wants. Here is the list of examples of substitute goods –

1. Tea and Coffee

2. Margarine and Butter

3. Play station and X BOX

4. Coke and Pepsi

Complementary good are those good which are consumed with one another; here is the list of some of the examples of complementary good –

1. Cars or automobile and oil as the sales of the car rise so as the demand for oil

2. Bread and Butter

3. CD players and CD

4. Tea and Sugar

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  • Ronali

    what is a substitute for oil?

    • As of now there is no substitute for oil, if there had been substitute for oil then the price of crude would not have been above $100.

  • Adnan

    Sir i have a question about , Is there any effect of internationl oil price changes on Stock.

  • g.subalakshmi

    Petrol and diesel

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