List of Employability Skills

Employability in simple words it refers to the capability of an individual to be employed by a company when he or she goes for interview. Employability means you have the skill to implement you knowledge whenever you face such situations where only your skill can bail you out. Given below is the list of employability skills –

  1. Subject skills –You should have good command over the subjects which you have studied in college. It is not necessary that you know everything but you should know all the necessary things related to that subject, so that you are not one of those guys who are not able to answer simple questions when the interview is n front of you. Always remember that people who clear the interview are not the brightest of students but they are the smartest lot.
  2. Professional skills –When you are moving to corporate world you are expected to have certain professional ethics like reaching on time at office, doing your work at given stipulated time. Corporate world is not like college you will be given second chances, one mistake and you will be kicked out.
  3. Interpersonal skills – An interpersonal set of skills involves how you communicate with you co-workers, superiors and subordinates, it also involves how carry yourself in trying circumstances, whether you are calm and collective or not and also in organizations people love a person who is team worker.
  4. Self management skills – A person who is thinking of managing companies or workers should first learn the self management skills because if you know how to manage yourself chances are you will be able to manage anything whether it’s difficult situations, company or workers. If you look around at successful people you will find that almost all of them have one common quality and that is they all are good at self management skills.
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