List of DVD Players

DVD players are those which play movies and music which is there on the Digital Versatile/Video Disc, It is the improved version of VHS. There are many DVD players which are available in the markets today, given below is the list of some of the DVD players –

  1. Sony
  2. Toshiba
  3. Philips
  4. Panasonic
  5. Cambridge
  6. Akai
  7. LG
  8. Pioneer
  9. Sansui
  10. Samsung
  11. JVC
  12. Moser Baer
  13. Sharp

There are many variants of DVD which are available in the market, some are cheap as they perform the basic functions and some are very expensive because they can be used for multiple things and that is the reason why before making a decision to buy you should look at your budget and also the reason for buying it.

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